What is Training Reinvented

A unique training

A coach is much more than someone telling you what to do, it's someone who drives you and helps you in your success and failures. With the help of my online training system, we’ll structure your training periods, we'll stop your feet when necessary and push you when you have to make the cut. We'll maximize your schedule, optimizing your workouts so you do not waste time, not forgetting to train is also fun. Evaluating your progress and advising you on everything you need to know regarding your preparation, food, …

Bingen Fernández

Adapted to your lifestyle

My coaching philosophy is to optimize your available training time.

I understand that not everyone can devote 40 hours a week to train, I offer programs that fit your schedule.

By combining the most advanced training methods and technology I can offer a training program designed around your time and your personal goals.

So if these goals are competitive or just cycling for health, I can provide custom training programs to make it happen. Any challenge you set your mind to will be easier to overcome.

Bingen Fernández

Built to improve your performance

Let’s help you achieve your goals. Get motivated to train following a training plan.

With the training platform you can fulfill your expectations as an athlete in a comprehensive way through a very intuitive software system.

We offer a variety of training plans to suit your needs and budget, managed continuously to ensure your success.

Bingen Fernández

Where can you track your progress

You can access your training from anywhere 24 hours a day from your PC, tablet or mobile, you only need internet connection to follow your plan.



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