Training programs

Bingen Fernández

A strategy based on data

The development and uploading of training data is key to achieving your goals.

Training Reinvented offers the possibility to upload all your workouts from smart devices. You can sync your workouts with Strava and directly download on our website. If you don’t use Strava, you can always download them manually by connecting your device to your computer.

Each workout has a goal and each goal is achieved through specific exercises. This is one of the keys to my training system: it’s over, “riding for the sake of riding". You’ll find threshold workouts, strength-endurance, aerobic improvement, power, etc. Upon completion of training, upload to the web, you'll immediately see the achievements and daily data, analysis and implementation of training scores, examining if we have done the planned training. The training system of Reinvented Training is designed for devoting fewer hours on the bike for greater performance.

Bingen Fernández

Created specifically for you

As a cyclist you are unique, to advise you on your daily workout, I appreciate all those features that make you special. It’s not the same training for a sprinter nor a climber or for those who want to be fit in March or in July. The objectives and availability are paramount when planning your training schedule to arrive in form in the exact moment. To improve it’s not only about training, recovery, rest and your weight also matter. We use an application that quantifies your form, rest and weight. Fatigue without recovery doesn't help your progression. Controlling these three simple pillars will have a positive outcome in our favor. The training will be adapted so your progress towards your goal doesn’t stop.


To maximize your performance

The working method is based on the application of the latest advances in scientific knowledge. I plan your training taking into account your characteristics as a cyclist. Training Reinvented uses specific tools that are able to quantify the efforts made during your sessions and calculate your progress.
The online tool allows you to get the most out of your training and is highly configurable:

Choose your goals

Do you want to prepare for a particular competition or a gran fondo? Indicate the main characteristics of your goal to create a specific plan to arrive in the best conditions. Ride a bike for health? Indicate the maximum session time and obtain a plan that will help you feel better.

Set your time available for training

Every week you have a different timetable and availability? Don’t worry, update your training schedule and your plan will be adjusted. No waiting, my plan is always tailored to your needs. Complete data from on your athlete profile so we can adjust accordingly the schedule. Age, pulse, thresholds, experience, kilometers per season ... all information is useful!

Plan your goals and alterations

Categorize and manage your goals based on their level of importance. You can also add specific alterations that impede the realization of a training session, such as rainy days, we’ll prepare for a similar session on the rollers.

Get results. Analysis and Scoring

We upload training files to the platform and analyze the data. Fully customizable, you choose the variables and the period you want to analyze. We score your training sessions according to the planned workout, with a note of execution and other on efforts. Go for a 10!

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