About Bingen Fernandez

Bingen Fernández

My knowledge, based on my experience

A philosophy of cycling life

After a lifetime dedicated to cycling, with 14 years as a professional cyclist competing from the grassroots categories to achieve the dream of every cyclist and competing during all those years in the classics and rounds for the most prestigious stages in the world, the time has come to create something interesting with everything learned along the way. For this I have decided to launch myself with an exciting challenge, where I intend to interact and offer all cycling enthusiasts all my experience to open a world of possibilities to cyclists of all levels. Training Reinvented was born to offer a cycling life philosophy, a way of bringing the values ​​of our sport to young people, a meeting point and advice that includes from cyclists to professional cyclists.



More than a sport, a way of living life from respect. The bicycle and its surroundings represent my profession, my leisure, my passion.


Health is a priority in modern cycling, an approach that prioritizes the value of the cyclist as a whole and his global personal development.



The environment, a personal commitment that enhances my enthusiasm for the bicycle and its integration into an environment that needs to be taken care of.


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